Terms & Conditions

The customers are requested to carefully read all the data on items and services as given in relevant segments.

  1. This site is owned by No material from this website or whatever other site possessed, worked, controlled or authorized by and additionally its partners or its sister concerns might be replicated, repeated, republished, transmitted, downloaded, transferred or in some other way for business utilize or generally without the Written authorization of the Infringement of this condition is an infringement of copyright and other exclusive privileges of the Company and additionally its partners or sister concerns.
  2. Pictures of products appeared on our site are for characteristic purposes as it were. We attempt our best to coordinate actual delivery with the pictures In any case, there may be slight deviations in the product in view of quality , variation in colors etc., across different cities.
  3. There is at some point a probability of additional charges like, Taxes or Duties which are to be borne by the beneficiary at the time of delivery . If it’s not too much trouble take note of that Gift2 INDIA & USA does not control these charges.
  4. For Flowers, Cakes, Sweets or different things that are perishable in nature, the delivery would be endeavored just once. If the delivery is not executed amid that endeavor because of inaccurate or lacking location, beneficiary not at home, address discovered bolted or refusal to acknowledge, the client might even now be charged for the request. No discounts would be engaged for such things.
  5. The Delivery Confirmation will be sent through email and for no situation would it be able to be dealt with as verification of time of delivery . Confirmation messages may be sent a couple of hours after the genuine delivery.
  6. If there should arise an occurrence of flowers, cakes, sweets and desserts (all being perishable things) if the recipient or any representative is not accessible at the time of delivery , the request might be considered as conveyed.. In such cases, no claim for discount or redelivery will be entertained.
  7. In case of branded items , made by different companies , there is a probability that the thing may be inaccessible or ceased by the manufacturer. In the above situation, Gift2 INDIA & USA will attempt to replace the first item with another result of similar design and quality. Client approval will be sort over email or telephone. In any case, in the event that the client does not react inside 12 hours to our email, it might be accepted that the client has given his/her agree to the adjustment in item.
  8. In case of courier items, if no one available at the shipping address at the time of delivery, the order will be considered as delivered. No demand for refund will be considered in such cases.
  9. Clients who have benefited through Gift2 INDIA & USA .com by choosing one or more listed service providers: connects with these clients by means of SMS/E-mail/Call/Online after their booked arrangement plan and approach them for Feedback on their experience or intimate them on the most recent item refreshes from the Service supplier. has finish responsibility for stream of feedback collection.
  10. For a situation of unanticipated conditions like a characteristic disaster, national security concerns, terrible climate or political interruptions and so forth, an endeavored delivery will be considered as a legitimate delivery.
  11. Mid night Delivery slot is between 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM. The receiver will be called before the delivery is attempted. In case the receiver does not pick up the call, Gift2 INDIA & USA does not guarantee delivery within the midnight delivery slot. All such cases will be treated as “Delivey Attempted”. In such cases, delivery will be done the next morning. Under no circumstance will request for refund of midnight delivery charges be entertained in such cases. Cancellation requests will also not be entertained.
  12. If the order is not delivered by Gift2 INDIA & USA we would refund the amount 100%. No claim of whatever other pay would be accepted.
  13. No claim of at all nature under any conditions will be reasonable other than the claim for 100% discount of payment Every single such claim assuming any, are to be raised inside 24 hours of the conveyance.
  14. If the user has any queries , doubts or confusion in regard to any of the terms & conditions set out herein, he should seek clarifications from us through email ( and should wait for a written clarification before using the service.